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The Industry 4.0 Observatory is a point of reference in Italy for managers and decision-makers with a need to thoroughly understand digital innovations (processes, infrastructure, applications, HW and SW) that are, transforming the manufacturing sector, codifying and making knowledge more accessible, and creating an Italian community that is active and open to comparison with international practices. Industry 4.0 will become the manufacturing model of the future: with the help of innovative digital technologies – Smart Technologies – manufacturing companies will enhance interconnection and cooperation abilities among resources (physical assets, people, and information both within the factory as well as distributed across the value chain), which will dramatically change their efficiency and competitiveness.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field research to analyse the main advancements made in the market, and Industry 4.0 related legal aspects and technologies;
  • three internal workshops with Observatory partners and sponsors, with the purpose of sharing intermediate findings and guiding research activities;
  • two closed doors round tables with select partners and sponsors that share their experiences to explore specific themes in greater depth;
  • two workshops to analyse vertical threads of interest to our research, with presentation of Research stream results following round table discussions;
  • a public event to present main Research findings, with round table sessions and talks given by major players of the Industry 4.0 world;


Within the scope of our research, the Observatory will:

  • analyse digital innovation advancements that affect processes of the operations world, both in terms of technology and fields of application;
  • estimate the Industry 4.0 market spread and value in Italy as regards specific Smart Technologies;
  • conduct a detailed comparison with the international situation, examining company experiences and national policies;
  • investigate the world of Italian and international start-ups to understand related dynamics and business models;
  • use detailed case studies to build a model devised in the previous edition to evaluate the maturity of factors enabling the digitalisation process in a manufacturing company / industry.
  • identify leading Manufacturing professional figures (machine operators, maintenance staff, planner, product designer, etc.)
  • map Manufacturing standards (ISO, IEC, de facto, …), relevant to the transformation process taking place in I4.0
  • provide an updated and structured picture of cloud paradigm applications (XaaS) within the international and national industrial and manufacturing context
  • quantitative evaluation of monetary and non-monetary benefits, CPS implementation cost estimates
  • in depth study of great interest themes: Industrial IoT, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Smart Product, Cyber Security.


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Digitalizating the Industry: Work in Progress in Italy

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