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Hubility, a hub of multidisciplinary expertise based on Multichannel, its goal is to systematically analyse all company – client relationship process stages from a multichannel perspective. The Observatory is focused on being the axle, the dynamic point of reference for thoughts and exchanges in line with the evolution of the context.

Hubility is based on three primary elements:

  • Applied Research focused on all Purchasing Process Stages
  • Sharing and networking occasions (limited access Workshops and Market Think)
  • Knowledge spreading

Hubility-The Multichannel Mentor is an initiative in synergy with the Multi-channelling Observatory, which stems in 2007 from a collaboration between Nielsen, Connexia and the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. A permanent fixture since 2008, it is cardinal to the Italian business community as regards corporate multichannel strategies. It blends data, analyses and insights on the Italian business organization and consumer scenario, with the addition of an increasingly important ingredient: learning and disseminating more multichannel related themes.


2016 edition appointments:

  • Workshop and Market Think on vertical topics, with Partners, Sponsors and customer demand companies. Access restricted
    • Workshop Everywhere commerce - 27 May 2016
    • Workshop Promotion&Loyalty - 14 July 2016
    • Workshop Content Marketing & Cross channel advertising 19 October 2016  link to registration link
    • Market Think CRM - 17 November 2016  - link to registration link
  • Public events
    • Multichannel Conference – 23 June 2016 – link to Conference proceedings link


2016 Research focuses on analysing consumers’ multichannel purchasing process and the evolution of the company-customer relationship in a multichannel perspective
(pre-purchase, purchase, post- purchase).


2016 Hubility Research branches into 4 investigation streams:

  • Everywhere commerce  purchasing behaviours at all process stages..
    In particular, this stream analyses what motivates people to purchase “everywhere”, possible business models for shops in the everywhere commerce era.
  • Promotion&Loyalty brand activated promotional touch points reaching out to current and prospect consumers at pre-purchase stages..
    Detailed investigation on digital formats (contents, channel, context) that are more effective in promotional terms, the possible match between promotions and loyalty, most engaging digital services (from experience enrichment to conversion) for various business objectives.
  • Marketing & Cross Channel Advertising Content  - Marketing and commercial advertising in the pre-purchase stage. .
    NExamined in detail are modes and technologies enabling the most interesting/engaging cross channel targeting strategies based on company and customer journey goals, eligible cross channel communication targets.
  • Customer Relationship Management - post-purchase stage.
    In particular, the analysis focuses on the interaction model and any possible post-purchase moments of truth, the role of post-sales and of customer journey support (from support to loyalty, from service to advocacy) and current CRM trends (big data, predictive analytics and data-driven marketing) by interacting with companies and providers of solutions enabling to streamline the customer experience.


The 2016 Multi-channelling research consists of:

  • Nielsen Consumer Panel Survey
  • Self-compiled electronic questionnaire delivered via email to 3,000 families (7,500 individuals over 14 years of age) included in the Nielsen Consumer Panel representing the multichannel population;
  • Survey items: evolution of inclination trends towards eCommerce, Everywhere Commerce and the multichannel phenomenon in general.
  • In-depth interviews, case studies, focus groups and surveys on Italian companies to analyse the impact of multi-channelling on business models and performances.

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other Hubility Observatory Research, please contact Nicola Spiller (email: nicola.spiller@polimi.it) or Virginia Giudici (email: virginia.giudici@polimi.it).