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Observatory for Hi-tech Startup is fostered by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with ItaliaStartup (http://www.italiastartup.it), the not for profit association that supports and gives voice to the Italian startup ecosystem.


Startup Hi-tech Observatory analyzes the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the scenario of hi-tech startups funded in Italy, aiming to expand awareness and establish knowledge at all levels (economists, politicians, managers, students) and targeting all players of the Italian startup ecosystem on the impact and opportunities provided by the inception of new organizations. Ultimately, the goal is speed up such positive dynamics through the implementation of a stable point of reference within this multidimensional process.


By means of a comprehensive Research conducted for the most part through primary sources, the Startup Hi-tech Observatory provides unique data on overall investments in startups made in Italy by formal and informal investors, in addition to presenting leading dynamics and significant cases of the ecosystem at national level, as well as a number of international level benchmarks.


Activities performed by the Observatory include:

  • A detailed in-field Research involving all key figures of the Italian startup ecosystem including innovative startups, formal and informal investors, incubators, business accelerators and industry trade groups.
  • A public conference to present Research activity results, with round tables and keynotes from the leading players of the Startup world. The event will be organized jointly with Startup Intelligence Observatory and the Digital Transformation Academy.



As part of the Research the Observatory will:

  • Map all hi-tech startups funded in Italy and critically examine the impact of startups on economic and occupational growth in our Country;
  • Perform a unique estimate from primary sources of the high-tech startup investment market in Italy split by “formal” investors (e.g. independent Venture Capital, Regional financial organization, Corporate Venture Capital fund), and “informal” (Venture Incubator, Family Office, Club Deal, Business Angel);
  • Analyze the collected capital, the capital invested throughout the current year, and the capital from Italian “formal” investors still available for further investments;
  • Investigate startup investment dynamics of consolidated organizations with an “inbound open innovation” focus (jointly with Startup Intelligence Observatory research and Digital Transformation Academy activities);
  • Analyze performances of Italian hi-tech startups which received investments throughout major life-cycle phases (funding, growth and exit);
  • Further explore some accordingly interesting startups to grasp the key strategic and entrepreneurial elements of their success, main challenges and difficulties, etc.;
  • Delineate some development dynamics of the entire Italian funded hi-tech startup.


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The 2016 Research conducted by the the Startup Hi-tech Observatory has been made with in collaboration with Italia Startup and with the support of Poste Italiane.


For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Startup Hi-tech Observatory, please contact Antonio Ghezzi (email: antonio1.ghezzi@polimi.it).