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The Fintech Observatory, formed in 2016 and currently in its first edition, aims to become a reference point for Italy’s entire financial ecosystem (banks, insurers, management companies, service providers, start-ups, institutions, etc.) to ensure that the disruptive changes that digital innovations are bringing to the financial world are managed in the best possible way.


The Observatory’s planned activities for the 2016 edition are as follows:

  • Field research involving the main players in the market: banks, financial intermediaries, fintech start-ups, public authorities, research centres, investors, service providers, retailers, trusted service providers, insurers, etc.
  • Numerous opportunities to meet and discuss with like-minded people::
    • 1 research orientation workshop
    • 4 invitation-only sharing workshops to discuss the most important topics:
      • Blockchain
      • API
      • Financial big data
      • Omnichannel Distribution
  • 1 workshop to prepare for the wrap-up event
  • A public conference to present the research results, with round table discussions and contributions from major figures in the world of business
  • A hard-copy report containing the main results of the 2016-2017 research, to be distributed at the conference
  • Several in-depth online reports on topics addressed in the 2016 research
  • A weekly press review for partners and sponsors, compiling the most relevant facts about the international and Italian markets


The Fintech Observatory will focus its research on four topics:

  • New models of financial intermediation made possible by digital technology, paying particular attention to the Blockchain application scenario.
    • What is meant by the term «Blockchain».
    • Analysis of Blockchain application scenarios.
  • Expanded financial competition.
    • Financial offerings from players in other sectors entering the market and contributing to increased competition.
    • Mechanisms based on APIs for managing the changes brought about by digital innovation.
    • Types and impact of fintech start-ups financed at the international level over the long term.
  • The role of big data in the financial domain.
    • Types of data available to banking institutions.
    • Banking areas and processes potentially affected.
    • Models and algorithms used to manage big data.
    • Impacts from cost, benefit and organisational perspectives.
  • Digital technology in asset management.
    • Market share and business models of the main players.
    • Processes affected by digital technology.
    • Changes in the relationship with the customer.
  • Banking distribution processes: from retail to asset management.
    • Types of distribution processes.
    • o Main digital benchmarks of banking distribution processes in Italy.
    • Impacts of digital distribution processes for retail and SMEs.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Every year more than 300 companies join the Digital Innovation Observatories activities, getting in touch with the corporate, institutional and academic decision makers

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For further information, collaboration and support requests for the other researches of the Fintech Observatory, please contact Filippo Renga (filippo.renga@polimi.it).