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The Electronic Invoicing & Dematerialisation Observatory, now in its ninth edition, was formed with the general aim of highlighting the inherent value of adopting electronic invoicing – and, more generally, of digitalising the entire cycle from order to payment – while simultaneously helping to move the national system towards a more meaningful, mature adoption of digitalisation tools in internal and interface processes. The Observatory intends to act as a reference point for decision makers in Italian companies and public authorities, enabling them to benefit fully from the opportunities that digitalisation brings.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field research to monitor the adoption of solutions for dematerialisation and the digitalisation of processes;
  • five meetings with the Observatory’s supporter community, attended by trade association contacts from various sectors and representatives of the Observatory’s partners and sponsors, as well as authoritative guest speakers with compelling accounts to share;
  • five exclusive update and training sessions on the themes of electronic invoicing and dematerialisation;
  • five public workshops, organised in collaboration with associations on the ground (local confederations, chambers of commerce, provinces, regions, etc.) and aimed at all those companies and public authorities interested in the subjects of dematerialisation and process digitalisation;
  • a national conference to present the results of our research: a concluding event and opportunity to compare notes, foster cultural exchange and build relationships between operators in the sector and the country’s public and private organisations. The presentation of our research results will be accompanied by success stories and contributions from various trade associations, value chain initiatives and institutions.

Workshops aimed at companies, taking place across the country

With the aim of promoting and propagating the competences and know-how we have developed over ten years of research, the Electronic Invoicing & Dematerialisation Observatory, in collaboration with associations and businesses across the country, is organising a «workshop roadshow» aimed at companies and public authorities interested in the subjects of dematerialisation and the digitalisation of processes. These workshops offer participants the chance to understand the value of digitalising processes – in terms of the economic benefits and time to return on investment of these projects – and an opportunity for interacting, learning and discussing aspects of the legislative framework relating to electronic invoicing and digital conservation. Specifically, these workshops are designed to provide concrete answers, supported by first-hand accounts and empirical evidence, to the main questions that organisations will encounter along the way to their own digitalisation.


The Observatory’s aims for its research are as follows:

  • monitor Italian experiences of the mandatory electronic invoicing of public authorities, identifying «Good» and «Bad» practice;
  • monitor experiences of digitalisation, identifying «good practice» and measuring its propagation along value chains and through business networks;
  • continue our in-depth investigation intended to define the impact of process digitalisation within individual firms and supply chains;
  • continuously monitor evolution and developments in the legislative framework at the national and European levels;
  • analyse the legislative framework relating to electronic invoicing in other European countries and understand any particular differences compared with Italy;
  • critically analyse the supply market for digitalisation solutions and services in Italy;
  • guide public authorities and companies in identifying their own roadmaps for digital evolution;
  • continue with our cultural propagation of the opportunities that digitalisation offers in support of business processes;
  • reinforce the role of the community that has developed around the Observatory over the years.


The Observatory’s research is based on the empirical analysis of survey and case study data, involving over 300 participants each year, including CIOs, CFOs, administrative directors, purchasing managers, supply chain managers, commercial managers, etc.


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