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The Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory was established with the objective of analysing and promoting the role of digital technology as a means for improving and advancing healthcare processes in Italy. The Observatory intends to be a permanent point of reference for decision-makers - in particular general managers, information system directors (CIOs) and other key officials in healthcare (chief medical officers and administration directors) and the players and institutions that operate in the healthcare sector - so that they can exploit the potential of these innovative technologies.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • field research involving key people in Italian medical structures, regional government managers and companies under regional control, general practitioners and the public, through a partnership with Doxapharma (market research in the pharmaceutical and health sector) and FIMMG (the Italian federation of general practitioners);
  • three Advisory Board meetings - with designated people from sponsoring bodies, Observatory partner representatives, CIOs and Management Boards directors for over 70 Italian hospitals;
  • one innovation workshop reserved for the main decision-makers in health trusts (CIOs, Management Boards) and our research supporters, where the objective is to fuel interaction and debate among the participants, encouraging them to compare their experience concerning the roadmap to advance digital healthcare;
  • one public convention to present the findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by the main players from the healthcare sector, with in-depth analyses of real situations of innovation; our “Award for Digital Innovation in Healthcare” is presented at this convention.


Award for Digital Innovation in Healthcare


In order to encourage and circulate good practice in innovation, the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory is sponsoring an initiative entitled “Award for Digital Innovation in Healthcare” created in 2010 to support a culture of innovation in the field of healthcare in Italy. Public and private health trusts that have used digital technology to improve their business will receive a prize awarded at the convention on the day when research findings are presented. Our purpose is to create a virtuous mechanism for sharing and rewarding best practice and excellence within Italian hospitals, as they often do not recognise the benefits of applying modern technology as a lever to improve their performance.


Within the scope of our research, the Observatory will:

  • provide an estimate of ICT expenditure on social-healthcare matters, highlighting the trends in place both at an overall level (Ministry, Regional government, hospitals and GPs) and within the main fields of digital innovation;
  • analyse progress in terms of maturity and diffusion of the main fields of digital innovation (these include mobile health, telemedicine, digital services for the public, document dematerialisation, electronic clinical files, electronic patient health records, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and systems supporting clinical governance);


The Observatory’s research is based on an empirical analysis, with surveys and study cases that involve, every year, over 300 players including CIOs, general directors, administration directors, chief medical officers, regional government officials and, through our partnership with Doxapharma and FIMMG, a statistically representative sample of GPs and general public.


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Digital Healthcare: no longer fantasy, not yet fact

Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory

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