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The Contract Logistics Observatory, a vertical work team within Digital Innovation Observatories,that since 2011 analyses the third party logistics sector In Italy, with the support of a broad and highly specialized community and the collaboration of Assologistica.

The Observatory studies the evolution of the Italian logistics outsourcing market in all its flavours, from strategic outsourcing to tactical outsourcing decisions. In addition to quantitatively measuring the phenomenon, the Observatory’s aim is to critically examine the sectors’ leading evolution elements and discuss on the role of innovation that the Contract Logistics supplier ecosystem can have in spreading excellence practices in logistics and supply chain management in Italy.



The Observatory develops according to an annual work schedule consisting of the following activities:

  • a Research path branching in a variety of streams agreed with the Partners of the initiative at the beginning of the year;
  • four intermediate Workshops reserved to the initiatives’ Partner and Sponsor community and to Advisory Board client company members, where Research status and updates are shared and debated;
  • a public Conference, typically held in November, at which a summary of Research findings is presented, enriched by initiative Partner testimonies;
  • a second public Conference, typically held in January of the year following the Research, where case histories of companies invited by initiative Partners are presented and commented in view of Observatory Research evidence;
  • an organized communication plan for the circulation of Research results on major sector publications and on national newspapers, with the goal of creating culture on the Contract Logistics theme in Italy.


The Contract Logistics Observatory aims for the following Research goals:

  • quantitatively measure the Contract Logistics phenomenon (the amount of data is significant but the impression is that an overall view is still missing);
  • critically examine sector evolution and innovation elements (business model, technologic innovation, process innovation, …);
  • use a combination of quantitative research methods (financial statement analysis, sector analysis) and qualitative (case studies, surveys);
  • develop a meaningful debate with managers from offering supply chain companies and services user companies with which to set the research, sharing issues and results. A Work Team has been established for this, consisting of over 40 Partner and Sponsor companies and by over 30 client companies.


Work Team

The Contract Logistics Observatory Work Team consists of: Research Team (Observatory directors and researchers); Advisory Board; Research Partners and Sponsors.

Research Team

  • Scientific Officer
    Gino Marchet - Professore Ordinario di Logistica, Politecnico di Milano
  • Scientific Officer
    Andrea Fossa - Partner Hermes
  • Research Director
    Marco Melacini - Professore Associato, Politecnico di Milano
  • Senior Researcher
    Damiano Frosi -School of Management del Politecnico di Milano
  • Senior Researcher
    Elena Tappia - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano
  • Researcher
    Chiara Sassi - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano
  • Researcher
    Monica Rasini - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano
  • Researcher
    Efrem Terraneo - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano
  • Researcher
    Lorenzo Prataviera - School of Management del Politecnico di Milano

Advisory Board

  • Assologistica
    Carlo Mearelli - Presidente
  • Assologistica
    Jean-Francois Daher - Segretario Generale
  • Assologistica
    Luigi Terzi - Presidente Assologistica Cultura e Formazione
  • Assologistica
    Renzo Sartori - Rapporti con Università e Centri di Ricerca
  • Basic Italia
    Luca Mastrorillo - Chief Operating Officer
  • Bayer
    Luciano Bodini - BHC Logistic & Distribution Head e Presidente Consorzio DAFNE
  • Belron Italia
    Roberto Cecchia - Direttore Supply Chain
  • Brembo
    Stefano Mercurio - Aftermarket Supply Chain Manager
  • Chicco Artsana
    Alberto Menna - Direttore Logistica
  • Composad
    Luca Priori - Direttore Logistica
  • Conad del Tirreno
    Mentore Giorgetti - Supply Chain Manager
  • Coop Nord-Ovest
    Daniele Maini - Direttore Logistica
  • Daikin
    Claudio Bettella - Supply Chain Manager South Europe
  • De Cecco
    Giovanni Pula - Direttore Logistica Integrata
  • Dompè
    Giovanni Brenna - Direttore Supply Chain
  • Dow
    Francesco Carciotto - Consulente Dow Italia
  • Granarolo
    Luca Zaglio - Direttore Supply Chain Gruppo Granarolo
  • Gruppo Pam
    Ivan Capranica - Direttore Logistica
  • Gucci
    Stefano Albertario - Leather Goods Industrial Logistics Manager
  • IKEA
    Andrea Colzani - Managing Director IKEA Italia Distribution
  • La Rinascente
    Luca Brandellero - Logistics Director
  • Lechler
    Francesco Gennari - Purchasing & Logistic Director
    Carlo Pedotti - Responsabile Logistica Distributiva
  • Leroy Merlin
    Marco Lattuada - Direttore Logistica
  • METRO Italia
    Andrea Scarpellini - Projects, Network and Transport Manager
  • Mondelez
    Simona Cremonesi - Logistics Operations Manager Italy
  • Nestlè
    Giuseppe Cigarini - Corporate Logistics Manager
  • Omega Pharma
    Michele Abruzzese - Customer Service & Supply Chain Director
  • OVS
    Andrea De Martin - Direttore Logistica Distributiva
  • Rhiag Group
    Walter Coletta - Vice President Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Riello
    Silvio Giordano - Group Logistic Director
  • Samsung
    Antonio Mattei - Head of Logistics Division
  • SKY
    Matteo Pecci - Supply Chain Director
    Antonio Aitoro - Executive Director
  • Giovanni Leonida
  • Alessandro Piatti


  • BRT Corriere Espresso
    Fernando Delogu - Responsabile Relazioni Esterne
  • CEVA Logistics
    Marco Henry - Transport Director Italy
  • CLO Servizi Logistici
    Fabio Ferrario - Presidente
  • DHL Express
    Simona Lertora - Head of Marketing & Business Development
  • FATA Logistic Systems
    Pierclemente Bottinelli - Direttore Commerciale
    Marcello Corazzola - Logistics & Distribution Network Director
    Andrea Sassaroli - Business Development Director
  • Innocenti Depositi
    Davide Innocenti - Direttore Tecnico
  • Jungheinrich
    Guido Ivaldi - Direttore Sistemi Logistici
  • Logistica Uno
    Gianluca Cornelli - Operations Manager
  • Neologistica
    Federico Terraneo - Amministratore Delegato
    Luciano Marton - Business Unit Industrial Director
  • Number1 Logistics Group
    Gianpaolo Calanchi - Chief Executive Officer
  • Poste Italiane
    Arturo Iannotti - Enterprise & PA Business Development Manager
  • Replica Sistemi
    Francesca Guaschino - Marketing Manager
    Lorenzo Bollani - Product Manager
  • World Capital
    Marco Clerici - Managing Director
  • XPO Logistics
    Paolo Catalano - Commercial & Engineering Director
  • Zeroquattro Logistica
    Luca Zaglio - Amministratore Delegato


  • Arcese
    Lorenzo Piccoli - Central Sales and Marketing Manage
    Ewa Micor - Corporate Business Development
  • Brivio&Viganò
    Mauro Brivio - Amministratore Delegato
  • Cab Log
    Renzo Bortolato - Amministratore Delegato
  • CD Group
    Christian D’Acquisto - Business Manager
  • ConsiCopra
    Francesco Maria Corradi - Presidente
  • CST Logistica Trasporti
    Marco Benettin - Direttore Commerciale, Logistica e IT
  • Generix Group
    Loretta Chiantaretto - General Manager Italy
  • GLS
    Patrizio Confalonieri - Operations & Sales Support Supervisor
  • Gulliver
    Giuseppe Capoferri - Amministratore Delegato
  • Hardis Italia
    Achille Sordi - Amministratore Delegato
  • Interporto Bologna
    Pietro Spirito - Presidente
  • Italtrans
    Armando Pugliese - Direzione Operativa Processi Organizzativi Logistica e Trasporto
  • Linde Material Handling Italia
    Angela Sgualdi - Marketing Manager
  • Messaggerie del Garda
    Paola Beschi - HR & Marketing Manager
  • Multilogistics
    Vittorio Mascolino - General Manager
  • Objectif Lune
    Simone Angelica Wolf - Management OL Italy & EMEA Marketing
    Giovanni Gizzo - Country Manager Italia
    Marco Picciafuoco - Managing Director
  • Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica
    Gian Luigi Sangermani - IT Manager
  • STEF Italia
    Renato Mosca - Vice Direttore Generale Business & Development
  • TimoCom
    Tommaso Magistrali - Country Manager Italy
  • Trasporti Romagna
    Simone Romagna - Amministratore Delegato



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Contract Logistics Observatory

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The 2016 edition of the Industry 4.0 Observatory has been developed in collaboration with Arcese, Assologistica and with the support of BRT Corriere Espresso, CEVA Logistics, CLO Servizi Logistici, DHL Express, FATA Logistic Systems, FERCAM, GEODIS, Innocenti Depositi, Jungheinrich, Logistica Uno, Neologistica, NOAH - MERMEC, Number1 Logistics Group, Poste Italiane, Replica Sistemi, TESISQUARE®, World Capital, XPO Logistics, Zeroquattro Logistica; BCUBE, Brivio&Viganò, Cab Log, CD Group, ConsiCopra, CST Logistica Trasporti, Generix Group, GLS, Gulliver, Hardis Italia, Interporto Bologna, Italtrans, Linde Material Handling Italia, Messaggerie del Garda, Multilogistics, Objectif Lune, ORTEC, PTV GROUP |  PTV ITALIA LOGISTICS, Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica, STEF Italia, TimoCom, Trasporti Romagna.


For more information on how to collaborate with and support Contract Logistics Observatory, please contact Damiano Frosi (email: damiano.frosi@polimi.it).