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The B2C E-Commerce Observatory was established to monitor e-commerce advancements in Italy (highlighting market value, trends and business models of reference) and make comparisons with the international landscape. The Observatory will also act as a privileged place for debate on the most successful initiatives, encouraging a two-way flow of learning and contributing towards a more rapid market development. For this reason, we started a collaboration first with ANEE-Assinform and then with the Netcomm consortium to be representative of the wide array of companies operating in the B2C field.


The Observatory’s work consists of:

  • conducting field research involving the top 250 Italian e-commerce sites through personal interviews and surveys;
  • participating in the Netcomm e-commerce forum, an event taking the pulse of B2C e-commerce in Italy on the basis of results achieved by operators in the first quarter of the year;
  • organising a public convention to present the main findings of our research, with round table sessions and talks given by major players from the e-commerce world;
  • organising a session to cover in greater depth a topic of interest that emerged during our research.


Research covers the following areas:

  • monitoring the Italian e-commerce market through a detailed analysis of the offer;
  • making comparisons with the international landscape for the principle western markets (Europe and USA), emerging markets (Brazil, China, Russia...) and evolved markets (Japan, South Korea...);
  • analysis of purchases made in Italy using smartphone and tablets, looking closely at ongoing advancements;
  • detailed examination of multi-channel models used by Italian merchants, paying close attention to the benefits and relative critical issues;
  • analysis of the logistics services underpinning B2C e-commerce;
  • identifying and analysing the main online channel export models used by Italian companies, looking carefully at the implications in terms of organisation, logistics and legislation;
  • use of payment tools;
  • identifying the main aspects of innovation through examples that typify current trends in e-commerce.


The research of the Observatory is based upon an empirical analysis with surveys and case studies that involve the top 250 e-commerce operators, covering 95% of the market.


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Fashion online: a trend-setting channel

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