Mobile Marketing & Service: the going gets tough!


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During 2014, companies have finally understood that mobile technology is the picklock for opening the multi-channel door. The multi-channel and customer-centric approach has a formidable ally in mobile innovation, one that confounds normal play, enabling and invigorating all other contact points. The true keystone of success is to see mobile technology as the means to enhance and amplify other contact points throughout the entire purchasing process. Many intriguing scenarios are opening up where smartphones act as a remote control to enable dialogue with objects in the form of advertising or promotional material or physical products. In this landscape, the more mature companies (several for some time now) have learnt to employ a Mobile First approach. For many other, 2014 was the year in which they became truly aware - and able to understand - the role that mobile technology has assumed within the field of brands and customer experience. Companies are taking things seriously at long last. This means having the courage to make radical changes to how their marketing is approached. The increasingly dynamic individual, who escapes the traditional profiling classification, needs brands to provide an attractive and winning experience whenever contact is made. The more personal and intimate the contact point - enabling totally new forms of interaction wherever it can be used - the greater is the need to design relevant material that can create a bond of affection between the individual and the brand. This works both for routine use and when the brand makes itself felt and heard. All this need business models to be transformed according to a multi-channel logic.

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