Internet of Things: Innovation that creates Value


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The Internet of Things, a decisive year in Italy; the market is worth 1.55 billion Euros. In Italy, 8 million devices are interconnected though mobile phone networks (up by 33%), with a market value of nearly 1.15 billion Euros (up by 28%). Alongside this, are the 400 million Euros for the market of objects connected through other technologies. Smart City: through the IoT, with smart lighting, traffic management and waste collection, it would be possible to make savings of 4.2 billion Euros, reduce CO2 by 7.2 million tons and save every city user five days’ worth of traffic jams. Smart Home on the rise: 46% of house owners intend to buy intelligent home products, especially for the purpose of safety and saving energy. The Internet of Things had a leading role at the Milan Expo 2015, in terms of managing the exhibition space and the Future Food District. Smart Agriculture applications can reduce the use of water and plant-protection treatment by up to 40%.

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