Internet Media: without data everything is just a personal opinion


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The Italian Media market, which includes revenues from advertising and paid contents, after losing 16% of its value (3 billion euros) between 2008 and 2014, in 2015 becomes more stable at 15.3 billion euros, in line with the value of the previous year. Internet Media, therefore advertising; online and user expenditure for Media contents (news, streaming Video and music) experienced on connected Pc, Smartphone, Tablet and Smart Tv play an increasingly important role: growing by 11 and reaching in 2015 nearly 2.3 billion euros. A similar trend is expected for 2016. In 2016 Internet advertising in Italy will come close to 2.4 billion euros. Video and Social networks the main drivers of growth. In 2015 Internet advertising strengthens its position as second advertising media in Italy with a 29% market share, behind television (49%) but before Press (17%) and Radio (5%). Advertising on Social networks (including Video advertising) in 2015 registers a 63% growth and is estimated to increase by 40% in 2016 at just under 390 million euros. Video advertising (including Social networks) will improve it’s positive trend: +25% in 2015, +34% in 2016, approaching 490 million euros. Online advertising market concentration is high: two thirds of the Internet advertising market are ascribable to big international Over the Top (in particular Google and Facebook), with the highest growth rates(+16% in 2015 and +12% in 2016).

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