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Digital Transformation has caught up with the Human Resources world, triggering a process of profound change of the competences that HR professionals must have to be able to contribute adequately to an organization’s growth.

Effectively managing Human Resources has become a priority for companies: it is through good management of the HR division that it is possible to drive the Digital Transformation that is affecting all professions and company functions, which increasingly require new roles as well as digital competences.


This program is focused on broadening human resource management skills providing tools and indications regarding the use of digital technologies to support all typical HR Management processes, from recruiting to performance management.



  • Learn more about new competences and professional skills required by the HR department in its evolution path towards a role as Innovation Partner
  • Learn about digital technologies and the disruptive approaches connected to new digital trends in the various Human Resources management processes
  • Learn about different types of analytics and the use in HR processes



The Human Resource Innovation program is composed by 6 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.






Key trends in Human Resource Digital Innovation

  • Transformation of the HR department’s role as a consequence of Digital Disruption
  • New competences and professional skills required by the HR department to be able to define a people strategy that is consistent with business requirements
  • Digital technologies and disruptive approaches connected with new digital trends (Analytics, Mobile, Social networks, Cloud and AI), supporting Human Resources development and management processes


New competences and professional skills to enable digital innovation

  • How digital technology is impacting on traditional competences and professional skills
  • What are the new Digital Job Profiles most requested by companies
  • What are the channels and instruments needed to attract digital profiles


Digital training: in between Adaptive and Continuous Learning

  • How is in-company training evolving in terms of modes and channels used
  • How to design and develop Digital Academy programs based on the use of new Digital Learning approaches
  • How HR departments will approach people’s reskilling and valorize internal Digital Champions


Talent Management Journey: define the roadmap to innovate talent management within the company

  • What is the Talent Management Journey and how can it help HR departments
  • The various stages of maturity of every talent management key process (recruitment, performance management, training and career planning)
  • Roadmaps to innovate in-company talent management


Performance Management: new approaches and main evolution trends for Result Based Management

  • Performance Management process goals
  • Company Performance Management process features (ways of defining people’s objectives, review frequency, people involved)
  • How to create a Performance Management process capable of supporting a Results Based Organization


Big Data & Analytics for disruptive HR Innovation

  • How to use analytics to support HR processes
  • Barriers to the spreading of HR Analytics
  • How to embark on an innovation course towards the adoption of HR Analytics solutions



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