eCommerce B2c in Italy: the supply graduation test


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B2c eCommerce continues its growth also in 2016: the value of online purchases made by Italians registers +18% with a turnover of nearly 20 billion euros, split between products (9 billion) and services (10.6 billion). Tourism confirms its leading position, with a 44% share and a 10% growth rate, followed by Consumer Electronics, worth 15% and 28% growth, and Clothing at 10% market share and a growth rate equal to 27%. Increasingly important is the contribution of the emerging sectors (Food & Grocery, Furniture and home living, Beauty, Toys) that together are worth over 1.5 billion euros and register growth rates between 30 and 50%. Though still unbalanced towards services (54% of total value), the Italian eCommerce basket registers a growth of rate products four times greater than that of services (32% vs 8%). It is therefore inching up to growth rates of major international markets, where the product demand component is around 70%. In 2016, Italian web shoppers – consumers who made at least one online purchase in the year – increased by 7% annually, to 19 million, equal to approximately 60% of internet users. eCommerce penetration over total Retail purchases rises to 5%.Taking the countries where B2c eCommerce is at the height of maturity as reference, penetration on total Retail is up to four times that of Italy, which is around 15%-20%. In this scenario, supply is called upon to deliver, poised for a graduation test. An ability to invest and innovate are required to make the purchasing experience increasingly simple and fulfilling. Dot-Coms have taken this direction and are continuing to grow more than traditional businesses (+28% vs +10%). Traditional operators, for their part, have finally made the first step and must now play the game to the end.

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