Digital Trends & Solutions



Digital technologies are the core of innovation and it is essential to understand the effects of technologic evolution of architectures and know the main digital solutions.


The goal of this program is to examine the various themes of Digital Transformation in depth, from new architectures to new IoT and Cloud computing related businesses, providing a broad and detailed picture of the impacts of new trends on companies



  • Understand Digital Transformation scenarios, opportunities and main applications
  • Learn the dynamics of the Cloud phenomenon and evolution paths of the company IT System
  • Learn about and analyse main Internet of Things application areas
  • Examine main advancements of technologies and digital applications for Operations processes
  • Understand main current international Mobile B2c trends



The Digital Trends & Solutions program is composed by 8 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.






Key Digital trends for 2017

  • Scenario and description of main 2017 Digital Innovation trends, from the establishment of Digital Transformation to bimodal IT, from artificial intelligence to the need for new skills to manage changes to the organization


Cloud Journey & Project framework

  • Dynamics of the Cloud phenomenon and evolution paths of the company IT System
  • Important decision-making variables in as a Service models and selection priorities in composing the Cloud IT portfolio
  • Most critical phases of a Cloud project, benefits and issues compared to traditionally developed projects
  • The positions involved in the various project phases


Datacenter infrastructure management

  • Effects on the IT department of the architectural technologic evolution
  • How have server architectures and related management modes evolved
  • What is the current technologic state of the art
  • The datacentre management mode according to the defined software model


SaaS and PaaS & new ways of supporting business

  • The potential offered by SaaS and PaaS solutions
  • Different types of services and platforms available on the market
  • Possible adoption courses and modes within companies


Internet of Things

  • Main Internet of Things application areas in B2c (Smart Home), B2citizen (Smart City) and B2b
  • The value of data made available by connected objects
  • Technology solutions and related standards
  • Privacy and cyber security implications
  • Innovation frontier (startups)


Industry 4.0 & change in operations

  • Main evolutions of digital applications and technologies in the Operations world (Industrial IoT, Cloud Manufacturing, Industrial Analytics, Advanced Automation, Advanced HMI, Additive Manufacturing)
  • Industry 4.0 standards
  • Jobs & Skils 4.0: the evolution of main professional profiles in Operations (machine operator, maintenance technician, supply chain manager, designer)


Mobile b2c Strategy

  • Main current international trends in Mobile B2c
  • Critical success factors for a Mobile B2c Strategy
  • Impacts on the organization and company processes
  • New competences needed to manage Mobile B2c transformation
  • The approach to develop effective Mobile Assets


Mobile Payment & Commerce

  • Innovative payment systems for consumers
  • How the mobile phenomenon supports payment activation (Mobile Payment) and the purchasing process (Mobile Commerce)
  • Blockchains and applications in the various sectors



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