Digital Soft Skills



Following and analysing Digital Technology trends is not enough to be able to fully leverage their potential.

In a business organization, prior to it being a technologic factor Digital Innovation must have become a cultural factor, which requires a broad range of competences with a prevalence of soft skills: entrepreneurial approach, communication ability, collaboration, and outwardness.


The Digital Soft Skills program guides company decision makers in understanding how to handle digitalization by adopting the right and necessary combination of soft skills.



  • Understand what Digital Soft Skills are necessary to drive the Digital Transformation
  • Setting up a Professional Branding strategy and plan
  • Transform information from Social Networks and Communities into resources
  • Communicate effectively, coordinate projects and manage identities in digital environments
  • Protect confidential company data and understand the correct use of digital tools
  • Understand how Digital Innovation sources change and the role of startups for traditional businesses



The Digital Soft Skills program is composed by 6 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.







  • A model to map eLeadership competences, from "soft" and relational competences to management and context competences, to specific competences on how digital technologies can be used for organizational and business goals
  • Digital Soft Skills: which are they and why is it necessary to develop them


Social Media Professional Branding & Reputation

  • Why is Professional Branding becoming essential for a manager or a professional
  • How can I set up a strategy or Professional Branding plan
  • What are the social networks on which to invest the most to build a professional brand
  • How to develop a professional profile on social channels and Linkedin in particular
  • How to optimize the 4 dimensions of Professional Branding on Linkedin
  • What is Personal Branding Canvas and how is it used


Knowledge Networking & Social Media Relation

  • How to set up an online listening channel to identify and anticipate sector trends and acquire greater awareness of our clients (customer insight) and the market
  • How to identify forums, blogs, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and G+ where to find useful information for our business and sector of reference
  • How to use social collaboration tools and platforms to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge and best practices (e.g. Facebook Workplace or Jammer integrated in the Microsoft suite)
  • How to capitalize on the circulation of information to revise the organization model and how to measure its impact in terms of employee Engagement & Advocacy


Virtual Communication & Collaboration

  • What are the tools that can be used to improve remote communication and team management
  • What are the most important competences enabling to remotely communicate and manage effectively


Open Innovation

  • How do the players that are a source of stimulus and information for Digital Innovation change
  • What actions are companies taking to incorporate external innovation stimulus and externalize internal innovation (Open Innovation)
  • What is the role of startups for traditional companies


Digital Awareness: privacy & security

  • How to protect confidential company data
  • Understanding the correct use of digital instruments to manage and protect privacy



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