Digital Marketing & Sales



The internet has opened the way to an era of opportunity. A company’s online marketing and sales strategy can and should make the difference.

The program looks into how the Digital Revolution changed consumers’ purchasing habits and processes and how companies must include an increasingly important share of digital communication within their marketing strategies.



  • Understand the role of digital technology within the organization’s communication strategy, in an increasingly multichannel scenario
  • Analyse the habitual behaviour of “digital consumers” and understand how to improve user’s online experience
  • Help companies along the entire marketing funnel also beyond the conversion phase



The Digital Marketing & Sales program is composed by 8 webinars of one hour ca. In the chart below all the title of the singol webinar are specified and the main topics touched upon the lessons.






Digital marketing: multichannel strategy for multichannel marketing

  • Key elements for a multichannel marketing strategy
  • Coordination of online and offline marketing
  • New media vs Old Media


Customer journey & customer experience strategy

  • Identifying the various customer journey phases
  • Functionality to improve the online customer experience
  • Suggestions to create effective multichannel courses


Digital branding and engagement: owned & earned media assets

  • Indications for digital asset management
  • Managing communication channels including social networks, blogs, review sites, etc.
  • Best practices


Digital advertising: Ad strategy & effectiveness

  • Paid Media strategy
  • Key elements for Media planning on digital channels
  • KPIs and indicators for online campaigns


Understanding and implementing mobile marketing

  • Mobile strategy
  • Critical factors for success in Mobile
  • Mobile Advertising, Mobile Loyalty, Mobile Promotion


Data-driven marketing & CRM

  • Data-driven approach
  • Unique company view of customer
  • Advantages of utilising user information


eCommerce strategy

  • Fundamental elements to set up an eCommerce site
  • Critical success factors for eCommerce growth
  • Best practices


Customer Lifetime Value

  • Measuring Customer Lifetime Value
  • Indications drawn from the study of the CLV to support marketing planning and CRM activities



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