Digital agenda: no more excuses


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Over the last year, the foundations were laid for the Digital Agenda in Italy. There are now no more alibis: the time has come to put the defined plans into execution. According to the implementation strategy, an investment of 1.51 billion Euros is to be made between 2014 and 2020, funded through 1.65 billion Euros a year from European resources, if we know how to access and use these funds appropriately. From 2012 until today, only 32 of the 65 decrees to implement the Digital Agenda provisions have come into force, with 11 decrees to be abolished being either obsolete or transposed into new laws. According to the “Digital Economy and Society Index” of the European Commission, Italy is in 25th place in Europe. The “Digital Maturity Index “(DMI) is introduced to measure the progress of implementation. Ten Italian Regional Authorities have set out their own formal Digital Agendas. Between 2014 and 2020, the Regional Authorities will be able to tap into 5.7 billion Euros from ERDF and ESF funds to implement their Digital Agendas. Italian public authorities make very little use of innovative procedures for public procurement. In this area, only 84 procedures relating to competitive dialogue have been applied since 2012, and five relating to the Digital Agenda. There are very few public-private partnerships.

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