Cloud: has the age of reason been reached?


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The Public Cloud has grown a further 27% reaching a value of 587 million euros. The combination of investments towards the creation of a Cloud Enabling infrastructure also registers a 14% growth, going to just under 1.2 billion €. Slightly more than 20% of SMBs with 10 to 49 members of staff uses the Cloud. The percentage goes to almost 30% in organizations with 50 to 249 people. In large companies, expenditure dedicated to cloud based core company systems rises considerably, and is worth 23% of the SaaS market. In 2016, the Cloud market in Italy is worth over 1.7 billion euros, up 18% compared to 2015. Driving Cloud innovation are the Manufacturing (23% of total expenditure) and banking (21%) sectors, followed by Telco and Media (14%), and Services (10%). Holding back companies that haven’t yet tried Public Cloud services are primarily doubts on the amount of resources to employ and on the reliability of network connectivity. Companies in the Northeast have the highest adoption rate, while those in the Northwest are allocating higher budgets, introducing new solutions at a faster than average pace.

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