Big data: from data insight to data driven strategy


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The area of Big Data Analytics saw considerable growth in 2015, up by 34%. That of Business Intelligence grew less, by only 11% but, in terms of volume, it is the greatest sector. The driving sectors are insurance, banks, telecoms and media. Although Italian companies are well-aware of the importance of extracting insights from their data, many are still some way from following data-driven business strategies. Most data used, in 84% of cases, are structured, but we expect unstructured data to gain ground in the future. Within companies, the analytics solutions used most widely are marketing and sales, finance and control, computing, purchasing production and supply chains. Among the organisations examined, 26% have appointed a Chief Data Officer and 30% have one or more data scientists, although the responsibility for analytics remains on the shoulders of the CIO or another IT decision-maker.

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