After the PA the Digital (re)joins the Business


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Electronic invoicing within public authorities is a reality, and the challenge is now to spread digital relations to and among companies. The obligation to issue electronic invoices to public authorities is a pervasive innovation and is game changing. There are 22,000 public authorities involved and 7.7 million digital invoices have been transmitted, with a very credible 50 million invoices forwarded every year. However, only 300,000 companies have already sent a digital invoice, only a fraction of the presumed 2 million suppliers selling to public authorities (including on an occasional basis). Upheaval on the offer-side: over 200 providers are offering solutions and services with very different solutions and prices. Electronic Invoicing towards public authorities can now stimulate digital innovation in B2B world. Starting from projects to introduce digital solutions to supply chains and company networks, 10,000 companies are already exchanging documents over EDI networks and 60,000 are connected to their partners through Extranet of B2B portals.

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